BIKE EXPO is underway!

8-9 May 2021:
Warsaw | PGE Narodowy

24-26 September 2021:

Bielsko-Biała I Szyndzielnia

Dni B2B - wstęp wyłącznie po rejestracji branżowej

24 września 10:00 – 18:00

25 września 9:00 – 15:00

Dni B2C - wstęp biletowany

25 września 15:00 – 19:00

26 września 9:00 – 17:00

BIKE EXPO - National Bicycle Test 2020


Premieres and exhibition of bikes and accessories in the elegant spaces of the Business Club and Stadium Media Center


Czesław Lang, Szymon and David Godziek, Przemysław Niemiec, Karol Domagalski, Piotr Klin are just some of the nearly 50 special guests


Two days of bicycle tests and races for children and a family parade around the PGE National Stadium

In 2021, we will meet during the 5th edition of the test and fair event, both for the industry and for end customers. At the best sports address in Poland - at the PGE National Stadium, you will be able to view and test the latest models of bicycles and accessories. There will be special guests.

Arkadiusz Walus
CEO & Sales


Already in April 2021, at the PGE National Stadium, you will see and test bikes and accessories of top brands. For every cyclist – from amateur to professional. You will be able to test and compare hundreds of bikes from many manufacturers. This is the only such bicycle test in Poland. At BIKE EXPO you will also meet cyclists, riders, the best athletes and professionals. It is a huge dose of emotions, knowledge and an opportunity to get autographs. “BIKE EXPO – National Bicycle Test 2021”. You cannot miss it!

See the movie from the last edition of
BIKE EXPO - National Cycling Test at the PGE Narodowy
  • 76 exhibitors presenting 120 brands
  • Sixty special guests! 22 meetings with stars, cycling champions and specialists
  • 12.500 visitors